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Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz, Chrząszczyżewoszyce powiat Łękołody

I just can not resist. Something for the fun:
There is a scene from the Polish commedy: 'Jak rozpętałem drugą wojnę światową' ('How I Unleashed World War Two'). More about this movie:

and the second scene from that movie:

and some subtitles:
-Lance Corporal Frank Dolas,
-a Pole!
-Lance Corporal Frank Dolas
from the 14th Infantry Regiment!
-I'm not French! I'm a Pole.
-Look, it's from my uniform...
-I came here to fight alongside with you...
...against Germans...
-But you aren't prepared for fighting
and Europe is waiting there...
-Okey. Okey.
-What is this thing for?
-You haven't got uniforms either?
-A lieutenant went for hunting hares
And he saw in the wood
naked bathing girls

Hey, hey, uha, ha,
hey, hey, uha, ha...

-I obediently report
that I am ready, captain.
-I came here on duty.
Let me in.
-What do you want?
Let me in to the captain!
-I obediently report
that I'm ready, captain.
-I'm a soldier.
-I can't wait doing nothing,
when the enemy invaded my country.
-I await orders...
-Yes, Sir.
-Not there?
-I understand. Entanglements.
Yes, Sir!
-To hell with this entanglement.
-After all you can't put barbed wires
around the whole desert.
-Rather mines.
-The guys from the camp told me that
when such a tank hits the mine, then...


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