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Message from Hugh Wilson.

A big Thankyou from Hugh re Combat Stress.

I'm not a bloggy guy so I've asked Angus, Bill, Bart and Dave if they'd post this notice on theirs.

As many of you know, a friend of many and a long time member of SESWC, Iain Holt, very sadly and suddenly died last November.

A very close friend of Iain's, Jim Duncan, is dealing with sorting and selling Iain's wargame collection with the proceeds being donated to Iain's charity of choice, Combat Stress.

I volunteered to help Jim with this task and have been selling things on his/Iain's/Combat Stress' behalf since the end of November.

I've sold just over £3000 worth so far (with more in the pipeline), though I've not passed this on to Jim yet (maybe I should go a long holiday).

As I've been helped  in this by a number of people, I think it's time to say 'Thanks' them.

A lot of the sales have been to the guys who come up here every second Thursday for our regular game, these include Angus Konstam, Colin Jack, Billy Gilchrist, Dave O'Brien, Bart Zynda, Campbell Hardie, Tim Watson and Ray Neal amongst others.
I've also been helped by Ged in Leuchers.  I approached him at Christmas when they have their club's big game and he very kindly let me set up a 'shop' which did very well.
Simon from Solway miniatures let me do a similar thing at the Albanich show.

In addition to the above I'd like to thank my wife very much for putting up with a large part of  Iain's collection taking up our front room for nearly four months.
A special thanks to Colin Jack for transporting me as I don't drive.
To Angus, Bill, Bart and Dave O'Brien for posting this on their blogs.
To Mike Headden, Colin Smith and Charles Grant.
To Iain's parents for a large contribution to the charity.
The biggest thanks are due to Jim Duncan for kicking it all off, sorting through Iain's collection and the selling he's done.
Lastly to all the others who have generously bought items...(I've also had a couple of donations from guys at Leuchers and Albanich who didn't actually buy anything, or who gave me more than I asked for).

If anyone reading this is interested in finding out more, they can contact me on

Myself, Jim and a few others will be selling more at Falkirk and Claymore so you can see us there.

I don't know when Jim will finalise the cash, but hopefully by then we will all have raised quite a bit of money for Combat Stress.

All the best and thanks again to everyone.


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