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Mahdist cavalry and something else.

I recently made a change to my usual purchase during my visit to Carronade. Instead of buying the regular plastic Mahdist figures from the Perry Miniatures, I opted for some cavalry models. Each of my troops consists of 6 figures. I have two units of cavalry on camels, one with spears and one with firearms, as well as three on horses: two carrying spears and one with rifles. Additionally, I obtained figures of the Mahdi and Osman Digna. To top it off, I used the latest flags designed by Pete Barfield. I'm pleased to announce that as of today, my 28mm Mahdist project is complete. All bases are from Warbases.


Osman Digna:

Camel Cavalry:

Horse Cavalry:

I also bought two pre-built models of armoured vehicles for the Germans. One is a Ferdinand and the other is a Brummbär, both made by Easy Models. They came pre-painted, so I only did some quick weathering to customize them. Both are 20mm.

I have some fence models from Javits. I initially bought barbed wire at Claymore or Salute a few years back, but I can't recall exactly where. I painted 9 of the models first, but then I visited Wonderland World, a local model shop in Edinburgh, and bought 5 more. I got them all with the upcoming game in mind.

I want to share the details of the last model, which is the ambulance model from Oxford Diecast. I didn't modify it in any way, but I wanted to showcase it as part of my collection. I purchased it in North Berwick at a local antique shop.

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